Making Your Own Soda with SodaStream

I recently received a Pure Soda Maker that Soda Stream sent to me to use and review. Now, I’m not one to drink soda or ‘pop’ but I do love seltzer, so I was pretty excited to test out this fun product.  I got started right away and began making bubbly.

There were 9 flavors sent for me to review, however, the sugar content was way too high to even try the Ginger Ale, Cranberry Raspberry, Lemonade and Orange Soda.  Therefore, I opted to taste the Seltzer, Diet Cola, Diet Root Beer and Diet Grapefruit.

The Soda Stream came with 2 reusable soda bottles, a carbonator (for the bubbly) and detailed instructions-which were pretty easy to follow.  The beauty of this product is that it’s cordless and easy to store on my counter top or in my pantry.

I screwed in the bottle to the lil machine and pushed the button…saw some bubbles…added a cap-full of the desired soda and pour it into the bottle.  Easy as 1-2-3. Not bad, Soda Stream!  A little shake and it’s ready to serve.

Now for the taste…

Well, the Grapefruit flavor was delicious and I’d surely try it again, but I enjoyed making the plain seltzer the most as I opted for adding my own sliced cucumber and  freshly cut lime and lemon wedges.

I am so excited to have this Soda Stream in my kitchen, especially for all of my guests and clients to see the simplicity and taste the deliciousness.

Thank you, Soda Stream for a fabulous new appliance and a fun way to jazz up the plain ol’ bottle of pop from the store and to help save the planet by reducing the use of plastic bottles.

I can’t wait to use this Soda Stream for my upcoming client event where I am planning on creating a Grapefruit Spritzer with fresh mint leaves, fresh lemon and a hint of crushed ice…Doesn’t that sound fabulous? Perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot summer day.

I highly recommend this adorable soda maker – it’s simply fabulous.


3 Responses

  1. I really want one of these, I love anything bubbly!

    • They’re amazin’ Melissa..nothin’ like making your own seltzer..hope all’s well with you out in Minnesota! Miss ya; enjoy your day. Best, Aims

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