San Fran…Here I Come!

Tomorrow kicks off the 1st Annual Foodbuzz Featured Publisher Festival in San Francisco.  I can’t wait for this exciting event and I am thrilled to meet the other 249 food bloggers, taste delicious food and enjoy beautiful San Fran.


Enjoy your weekend everyone and I’ll be sure to post about San Fran and the Foodbuzz Festival next week.  In the meantime, take advantage of this beautiful fall weather and explore the outdoors with pumpkin and apple picking.  Here is a useful website to discover a farm near you.

Check out for local farms to ‘Pick Your Own’ in your area.

West Coast…Here I come!


10 Responses

  1. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  2. can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!

  3. Still need to pack and clean, but so looking forward to tomorrow. Hope everyone travels safely.

  4. Hi Amie. Thanks for leaving a comment about my POM Wonderful Party! Have a fantastic time at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival — Sadly I’m unable to attend afterall 😦 I’m soooo bummed, but look forward to reading about it on many other blogs. Have a great time. Ciao, Shelly, Nibbles of Tidbits

  5. Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow! So excited!!

  6. you’re probably already on the jet airplane…but hopefully see you in SF!

  7. I hope you had an amazing time!

  8. SO good to meet you! you crack me up girlllllllll 🙂 hope to meet again soon!

  9. It was so nice to finally meet you! SF was so much fun !!! =)

  10. So sorry to have missed you at the fest. What an amazing time. Next year for sure! Thanks for the comment on my cinnamon roll post, try them, sooo good!

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