Product Review: Panda Licorice

Thank you to Panda Licorice for sending us a generous package of their all natural licorice samples.


Panda Black Licorice

This Panda Black Licorice has to be my favorite brand of licorice.  I will NEVER go back to Twizzlers or other mass marketed licorice.  These are the REAL thing.  Made with Licorice extract, these are the perfect cure for any sweet tooth.

Panda Raspberry Licorice
Although they do not have as many health benefits as black licorice, they are still a tasty sweet treat. The raspberry flavor wasn’t too overbearing and not too sweet either.  I could eat half the box of the little chews without feeling like sugar overload.  I’ll definitely be keeping my cabinet well stocked with these little guys.
Thank you, again to Panda Licorice for sending me samples of their tasty treats.  You can easily find Panda Licorice at any health food store and Whole Foods Market–be sure to look out for these tasty nibbles…they’re a perfect ‘desk-drawer’ snack for work.

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  1. That is one of my favorite treats 🙂

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