Product Review: Geisha Seafood

A big thank you to Geisha Seafood for sending me a wonderful variety of their frozen seafoods! I cannot even begin to tell each of you how amazing and fresh these seafoods taste!  O my goodness…I wish I could eat this delicious fish every night!

ScallopsGeisha frozen seafoods are a quick, easy and healthy way to add a delicious dose of protein your your day!


Geisha was kind enough to send me samples of their frozen tilapia, shrimp and scallops. My clients absolutely LOVED these products and they have already been purchasing them to use for lunch and dinner recipes for their family!  I prepared the Geisha frozen seafoods for my clients and demonstrated a few simple recipes such as a breakfast omelet and fratata, lunch salad and soup and dinner pasta and casserole.

The opportunities are endless—you can easily add Geisha frozen seafoods to any meal—it takes just a minute of creativity to alter one of your ‘dishes’ and switch it up by adding a Geisha treat!


Be sure to check out Geisha Seafood in your local food store.  Geisha is sold in Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, Walmart, Pathmark,A&P and Food Emporium in the NY/ NJ area.  Take a look at the Geisha website for a store location near you.

Thank you, Geisha! We love your seafood!


2 Responses

  1. oooo. Is this what you used for the scallop recipe? I’ve never tried this brand….where can you buy it?

    • Kat,

      Yes, this is the brand that I used for the scallop recipe. You can buy them in Food Imporium, but also be sure to check out their website for other food stores that carry their frozen seafood products.
      Thanks for the great scallop recipe!
      Have a great day.



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