Product Review: Wildwood Pasta, Probiotic Hummus, Soy Milk and Soy Yogurt

Thank you to Wildwood Foods for sending me a wonderful package of their organic Probiotic Hummus, Soy Yogurt, Soy Milk and Pasta.  These were delicious and the added probiotics in the hummus, yogurt and milk made my our tummy’s happy! We love that good bacteria—thanks Wildwood Foods.

Probiotic Hummus


Wildwood’s Probiotic Hummus comes in the following flavors: Classic, Low Fat Classic, Indian Spice, Raspberry Chipotle, Roasted Red Pepper, Spicy Cayenne.  My favorite was the Indian Spice mixed with my morning eggs and gluten-free crackers; my clients loved the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus in their lunch sandwiches!

Probiotic Soy Yogurt

Yogurt 5_500x300

Wildwood’s Probiotic Soy Yogurt comes in the following flavors: Blueberry, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla and Plain.  I enjoyed each of these flavors; my clients and I also froze some of the yogurt and enjoyed them as healthy ‘ice cream’ treats!

Probiotic Soy Milk

Prosoy Pom_cropped

Wildwoods’ Probiotic Soy Milk comes in Pomegranate, Blueberry and Vanilla.  My clients and I used the Pomegranate in baking recipes for waffels and pancakes…the vanilla was delicious in our morning oatmeal and cereal!



Wildwood’s Pasta Slim is available in Fettuccine and Spaghetti.  My clients and I used the pasta in a white clam sauce recipe as well as in a classic red sauce and meat ball dish.  The light, soft noodles were quite tasty and I’ll be sure to purchase these again.

Thank you again to Wildwood Foods for these delicious products.  Be sure to check out Wildwood Foods for more products such as Soy Milk Creamer, Regular Soy Milk, Sprouted Tofu, Dips, Sauces, Tofu Veggie Burgers and Tempeh.  I loved all of these products and I know my clients and I will be purchasing WildWood products in the future.

Wildwood was kind enough to send me some great coupons for their products.  If you are interested in trying their products, please contact me and leave a comment–I’ll be sure to send you a coupon for the product of your choice!


15 Responses

  1. Oh these sound yummy! Thanks 🙂 Our family loves probiotics too. Vidazorb helped our son so so much with his severe food allergies and Eczema. It has been amazing to us…and now we all take them for the many ways they are showing to benefit us! These look very good, Caroline

    • Caroline,

      So glad that you saw these delicious probiotic treats; be sure to let me know if you are interested in coupons and I can send you some coupons for these great products.

      Have a great day.



  2. The probiotic hummus, while being a great idea, is probably the most foul tasting substance i’ve put in my body in quite a long time.

  3. I really like the probiotic Hummus by Wildwood. I am curious to try their soy yogurt next. Any thoughts on the negative effects of soy? (Estrogen inhibitor and whatnot–especially for children) It seems like a lot of vegan foods are just infused with soy this and soy that. Don’t get me wrong. Dairy products are definitely not without their fair share of problems!

  4. Hi Amie:)
    I love Wildwood Yogurts, been eating them for a few years now (plain & vanilla are my favs). The VanilIa Probiotic Drink is really good too! I just tried the Roasted Red Hummus w/ tortilla chips (it was interesting). I’ll have to try it on sandwiches. I would luv to try either the Aioli Zesty Garlic or Original Tofu Veggie Burger (both look yummy). Thanks for your review and time. Have a rockin’ day!

    Peace, Health, & Art;

  5. I would love some coupons for Wildwood soy yogurt. It is so expensive, but far superior than dairy yogurt.

  6. I love your Wildwood Soyogurt since I can’t have dairy product, milk, eggs, cheese, etc., but I can only find it in one store. Where else can I buy it? I live in Barrington, Il 60010

    • Jan,

      Thank you for your comment; so glad to hear you enjoy Wildwood Soyogurt! I have contacted Wildwood for locations near you and I will be sure to let you know as soon as I hear back from them.

      Have a wonderful day and thank you again for your comment!



    • Jan,

      Here is the update from Wildwood; they have a few items in nearby stores, although they are not in the same town:

      Whole Foods Palatine- 1331 N Rand Rd. Palatine, IL 60074 (about 7 miles)- carries both Vanilla and Plain 24oz

      Whole Foods Northbrook- 840 Willow Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 (about 18 miles)- carries 4 of the 6oz and 1 of the 24oz

      Whole Foods Deerfield- 760 Waukegan Rd. Deerfield, IL 60015 (about 20 miles)- carries 1 of the 24oz

      Also, they wanted me to let you know to ask her local health food store to bring in Wildwood if you do not want to travel.

      Thanks and have a great day Jan!

      On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 10:23 AM, Amie Valpone wrote:

      > Jan, > > Thank you for your comment; so glad to hear you enjoy Wildwood Soyogurt! I > have contacted Wildwood for locations near you and I will be sure to let you > know as soon as I hear back from them. > > Have a wonderful day and thank you again for your comment! > > Best, > > Amie > >

  7. I just discovered the soy yogurt at a new specialty grocery store by my house. Its incredibly tasty; I like it better than regular yogurt.

    Are you still offering coupons? I would use them for sure.

    • Thanks Marissa…I’m so glad you are enjoying these tasty yogurts…the coupons I had expired on Dec. 31st 2009, however, I will try to access more and let you know if I receive them.

      Thank you again for your comment and have a wonderful evening.



  8. Aw that’s nice of you!

  9. i was so excited to find another soy yogurt (thanks fresh and easy!) because they aren’t as readily avail in stores like Albertsons. This yogurt was terrible… the smell and the taste made me sick, i couldn’t even eat my apple and orange after that!! I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, I’m just not good friends with dairy anymore. I have to say that since all the “organic” and “soy” products are triple the cost of regular dairy products they should be triple the quality… how disappointing!
    and so revolting to think i have 3 other containers of that left in my fridge, i’m not sure i’m willing to even taste them… I may just return them since i got it yesterday (fyi i’ve never done that before)…

    • Shay, Sorry to her you weren’t a fan of these yogurts….it’s hard to find a tasty non-dairy yogurt, but you may be able to handle Greek plain yogurt as it is easier to digest than regular yogurts especially for those of us who are lactose intolerant….hope this information helps…good luck returning the yogurts…perhaps they have another non-dairy yogurt that you can try instead. Good Luck and thank you again for your comment! Have a great day.

  10. veggan foods are always the best for anyones health because it is low fat and low sodium ::

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